Products for making textile auxiliaries a little better


Backed up by its technical know-how and history in the synthesis of organomodified siloxanes and specialty organic surfactants, we have a unique and strong position as a specialty surfactant producer. Our varied and extremely specialized product range is able to serve any textile formulator with valuable specialty raw materials.

Based on surface science, Evonik is actively developing new molecules which can offer special application properties by themselves or in formulations. Our ability to run preliminary tests in our Tech Service Labs, as well as our customer orientation creates the best basis for a strong partnership with textile formulators.

For fiber finishes, we offer ester and amide based lubricants, organic wetting agents, siloxane based lubricants/slip aids, cohesion agents and antistats.

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For more than 40 years we have been your contact for individualised solutions to foaming problems. The comprehensive range of defoamers and antifoams developed by Evonik resulting from this experience is here presented.

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Highly efficient textile antistatic agents, mainly cationic antistats, amphoteric and nonionic antistatic agents. Antistats for dry cleaning, synthetic fiber processing, fabric finishing.

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Our product range comprises oil and water soluble corrosion inhibitors. The textile corosion inhibitors are recommended for use in fiber finishes or other textile auxiliaries.

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Textile dyeing assistants, textile retarders and textile levelling agents are key additives in most of the textile dyeing processes. We offer a retarder and leveling agent for dyeing of acrylics with cationic dyes.

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The product range covers dispersants, textile emulsifiers and solubilizers for O/W and W/O emulsions. Nonionics with different HLB values based on fatty alcohols, fatty acids, fatty glyceride ethoxylates and glyceryl esters. We also offer cationic emulsifiers for special textile applications.

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Broad range finishing auxiliaries comprises specialty preparation and softening agents, based on organic cationics or organomodified siloxanes. Cationic, amphoteric and nonionic antistats.

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Foaming agents, especially textile foaming agents are currently used for diverse textile finishing procedures like coatings. Our product range comprises sulfosuccinamates, betaines and amine oxides for textile foaming applications, coatings and latex compounding.

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Mercerizing agents are currently used in the textile industry for cotton mercerization. We offer caustic stable wetting agents for the mercerization of cotton.

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Odour absorbtion is required in the textile industry for special fabric finishing as well as during textile processing to avoid the accumulation of unpleasant odours. We offer zinc ricinoleate based odour absorbers, in neat and formulated versions.

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Textile pretreatment agents are key chemicals within textile processing. We offer performance enhancers for scouring agents, mercerizing agents, organic and siloxane based wetting and spreading agents.

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Acylic copolymers are currently used as thickeners for diverse surfactant systems. We offer polyacrylate based thickeners for the stabilization of diluted antifoams/defoamers.

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Textile wetting agents and textile spreading agents are key auxiliaries in textile processing. Our product range comprises wetting and spreading agents as additives in petreatment formulations like sulfosuccinates, amine ethoxylates, trisiloxanes, polyether siloxanes.

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Brochure Raw Materials 16:9
Raw Materials for Textile Auxiliaries

Thousands of formulated textile auxiliaries are produced world-wide to provide processability of fibers and garments, as well as desired quality of the final textile goods. Behind the tailor-made properties of these textile auxiliaries, the key is a synergistic combination of specific chemicals, mainly surfactants.  
Evonik is a key supplier of specialty surfactants and tailor-made chemicals, which are valuable raw materials for the production of textile auxiliaries.

Textile Auxiliaries

Textile Auxiliaries - Auxiliaries for textile manufacturing products

Thousands of formulated textile auxiliaries are produced worldwide to improve the processability of fibers and garments, as well as the desired quality of the final textile goods. Evonik is a key supplier of the surfactants and tailor-made chemicals that make up the valuable raw materials needed for the production of textile auxiliaries.

TEGOTEX® Repellent Treatment-Range

TEGOTEX® Repellent Treatment-Range

TEGOTEX┬« RT products are fluorocarbon free and  deliver outstanding water repellency performance. They do not contain any flammable liquids and improve the soil and water repellency of many different kinds of fabrics. For synthetic fibers, they also give an extraordinary handfeel to the fabric and show an excellent spray rating with minimal pick up of water and good durability for household washing machines.