Foam prevention or foam elimination is necessary without causing surface defects.

TEGO® Antifoam 1435

Defoamer emulsion based on modified siloxanes and non-ionic emulsifiers.

TEGO® Antifoam 2-89

TEGO® Antifoam 2-89 is an antifoam emulsion based on Polyethersiloxane.

TEGO® Antifoam 2290

TEGO® Antifoam 2290 is a self-emulsifying APEO-free organic antifoam concentrate based on paraffinic oil. The product is free of silicone and does not contain any silica.

TEGO® Antifoam 3062

Antifoam concentrate suitable for pre-defoaming of low-water containing metalworking fluids. Provides excellent compatibility.

TEGO® Antifoam 7001

Low viscous emulsion concentrate

TEGO® Antifoam AS 10

10 % active antifoam emulsion for foam control in a variety of aqueous media, provides excellent stability in alkaline or electrolyte containing media, even at elevated temperatures.

TEGO® Antifoam MR 1015

Combines excellent efficiency with maximum compatibility at the same time.


TEGOPREN® 5863 is a polyether siloxane. It is a non-ionic product with 100 % active content.