How to choose and how to use the right product

Evonik raw materials can be used in almost all sectors of the textile industry. We are aware of the fact that every formulator has his own techniques an ideas for the development of textile auxilaries.

Besides the high quality of our specialty product range, Evonik actively offers technical support concerning the application properties of our raw materials and formulation recommendation. You find some basic information on the following pages. If your question is not answered there please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

All fibers, whether natural or synthetic based, need to obtain a certain finish such as soft handle, smoothness or bulkiness, as well as hydrophilicity. This applies to terry towels, knitted and woven fabric as well as nonwovens.
Evonik offers a brought range of organic and organo-modified siloxanes (OMS), which might be used as synergistic blends to achive additional benefits.

Thousands of formulated textile auxiliaries are produced world-wide to provide processability of fibers and garments, as well as desired quality of the final textile goods. Behind the tailor-made properties of these textile auxiliaries, the key is a synergistic
combination of specific chemicals, mainly surfactants.

Evonik is a key supplier of specialty surfactants and tailor-made chemicals, which are valuable raw

materials for the production of textile auxiliaries.

We offer textile antifoams and textile defoamers. Our defoamers/antifoams are based on organic oils, silicones and/or organomodified siloxanes. Our product range comprises antifoam concentrates, emulsion concentrates and ready to use dilutions, which are recommended for predefoaming of surfactant concentrates or post-defoaming in aqueous media. Besides, we have defoamers for jet dyeing, sizing or for use in high electrolyte containing systems.