Garment Finishing

All fibers, whether natural or synthetic-based need to obtain a certain finish such as soft handle, smoothness or bulkiness, as well as hydrophilicity. This applies to terry towels, knitted and woven fabric as well as nonwovens. In the final step of the textile production process the garment is treated for the desired end use.

Different treatments containing TEGOTEX® products  help to give better results, like softer handfeel, increased 
hydrophilicity and water repellency and  stronger UV protection.

Evonik also offers various processing additives which  support the treatment processes when it comes to foam control or wetting and emulsifying. Here our SURFYNOL® products offer an outstanding wetting behavior and our TOMADOL® products are excellent emulsifiers in garment finishing emulsions.


Our product range comprises wetting/spreading agents for low and high foaming applications, defoamers and emulsifiers to improve the processing at any step and in any condition.


By adding particular auxiliaries to the formulation specific properties can be obtained on the fabric, like repellency, softness and odor absorption. We also have summarized products to meet the requirements of denim and leather products.