Technologies for Textile Raw Materials

Thousands of formulated textile auxiliaries are produced worldwide to improve the processability of fibers and garments, as well as the desired quality of the final textile goods. Behind the tailor-made properties for these textile auxiliaries is a synergistic combination of specific additives. Evonik is a key supplier of the surfactants and tailor-made chemicals that make up the valuable raw materials needed for the production of textile auxiliaries.

Backed up by technical know-how and long-term  experience in the synthesis of organo-modified siloxanes and specialty organic surfactants, we have a unique and strong position as a specialty chemicals producer. Our comprehensive and extremely specialized product range can offer any textile formulator with the valuable components they need. Based on surface and interfacial science, we are continuously developing new molecules which offer special application properties by themselves, or in formulations. Our ability to run preliminary tests in our Technical Service Labs around the globe, as well as our customer orientation creates the best basis for a strong partnership with textile formulators.

Since 1847 formulators have trusted in our innovations  and have used them successfully as main ingredients and formulation aids for many textile auxiliaries. Our product portfolio covers a broad application range in diverse textile operations. These products may be used wherever softness, lubricity, spreading, static control, emulsification, wetting, water repellence, corrosion inhibition, levelling, foaming or defoaming performance is required.

Evonik is aware of the environmental and toxicological  impact of the chemicals used in the textile industry. This is the main reason for our focus on providing our customers with biodegradable, non-toxic and nonsensitizing surfactants. Our attention is also focused on the specific requirements of the textile industry, like reducing heavy metal content and low emission factors. Our R & D, Technical Service and Sales & Marketing organizations are supported by an efficient Environmental, Health & Safety Department which assures the safety and regulatory compliance of our products to support our customers.


Evonik's innovative products, systems and solutions  enhance sustainable development and we work closely with our customers to help them meet their sustainability targets. Market-oriented research and development play an important role.

We support our customers in achieving the performance  requirements of various textile labels. Our TEGOTEX® textile finishing products can prevent peeling effects and improve the durability of apparel and functional textiles which leads to lower micro plastic emissions. Our process improving additives help to use less water and solvents during textile manufacturing and are developed to meet the latest consumer and environmental requirements. We offer our customers resource-saving and energy-efficient solutions for a wide range of applications. In this way, we play a part in meeting the rising sustainability requirements across all of our markets.

Evonik is a key  supplier of the surfactants and tailor-made chemicals that make up the valuable raw materials needed for 
the production of textile auxiliaries.

TEGOTEX® RT 2033 and 2044 are fluorocarbon free and  deliver outstanding water repellency performance. They do not contain any flammable liquids and improve the soil and water repellency of many different kinds of fabrics. For synthetic fibers, they also give an extraordinary handfeel to the fabric and show an excellent spray rating with minimal pick up of water and good durability for household washing machines.